Thursday, August 30, 2012

This is my STEAMPUNK Birdhouse ! My grandchild found this in the Micheals $1.00 bin and I took it home . My brother ended up in the hospital and I started punching out gears ...then noticed Tanya wanted moving things :) The Bird and butterfly are my own drawings. Gotta wait in the school car line and this is what I came up with . Put gray and white paper on the bird house ,ran walnut ink from Tin Holtz all over it and wiped it off with a paper towel. Painted the gears in metallic red blew the glitter on them . Wrapped copper wire around a pencil and put it on my steam bird and butterfly .And last but not least found some typewriter key stickers and stuck home on the side ...for isnt it what it is all about a home !

Thursday, August 9, 2012

This came from a do it yourself site / cannot remember where ! It is a 1/2 gallon milk container opened and cut out to form a change purse. It is so easy the only gluing was the paper on it and the bitty blossoms and Want 2 scrap bling. I made one of these for my grand daughter and we got caught up in the check out at the grocery store ...everyone asked her a million questions. And she answered them all . Loving you all and will post the template later tonight Hugs