Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh I love the This is my April D T Project It s called Ashcan Kids Nerd Club and I have so enjoyed taking this old cardboard box and turning it into their house ! Thanks Carissa for always allowing me the freedom to be from the dark side !! I have used tin Holtz knob and loving the View-master die . The flowers are from Carissa at Shabby scraps along with the ravens nest and Lucite flowers She has such fun things at her shop. Loving this project with my little fav Steam-punk kids thanks for stopping by! Welcome to My world ....WE ARE ALL NERDS HERE <3

Sunday, April 7, 2013

welcome to my Journal of mistakes:) I decided to try molding paste and gesso and what ever came up! So this is my journal to Renew my word for the year! My friend Christine sent me some stencils and one was a BUTTERFLY my fav and you had to turn it to get the whole thing . So off I go to wonder land know the place where you wonder if you know what you are doing lol. Covered it in gesso and waited to dry. Then used more gesso for blobs stencil ( first mistake it was clear gesso oops !) Hmmm start over? Nope lets spray with Ranger alcohol inks see what happens ,well how kewl is that ! shiny blobs works for me. Used Quick cut hot air balloon die on chipboard, nope didn't cut but left kewl embossing hmmmm. I HAVE SIZORS yeah Ill cut it out and alcohol ink it whoot that worked . Now Im off to glitter it YES! Got my Shabby Scraps flowers and flatback pearls colored them brown ish with Ingrid Boheime chalks .Tow words fell of shelf onto the book Soul Art Yes angels that will work :) Then got cotton paper tape from Carissa at wrote ALIVE on it and stuck it in the corner .....Oh WOW having an Art miracle !!!1 Put the little keys and bird charms on the hooks from where? Well Shabby Scraps of course ANd then the ribbons from SHabby scraps and Rumpled ribbons ANd my miracle is complete LOVE ANGEL ART <3