Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh my almost forgot to blog ! This is my bright colors with sunglasses !My daughter in law sent me a video about a one sheet album ,just had to try it and Im addicted ! And of course Tanya had to go where I never thought of going ,bright and sunglasses ! This ones for you toots ! Made out of my drawing of the old cat eye sunglasses from the fifties ,with a hippie chick turn. Used on the edge dies ,and stickles . Found an old piece of Christmas decor just had to pop ! and of couurse Cherry Lynn dies ...I love gold fish and butterflies ! I hope this album made you chuckle and that you have a great day <3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well Hello welcome to my try at making a card ! Seems to have turned into 5x5 needle holder .....I have to honestly say I never end up with what I started to make .I think I have ADD and just everything I see leads me somewhere else ....
Well here it is my Card /needle holder! I sewed two pieces of black paper together with rose colored thread . Added old piece of table cloth to it ,with Cherry lynn heart and a picture of a sewing machine ...and Want to scrap bling . Inside is made out of two felt pieces for either side ,added two TIm HOlts envi die cuts ,for pockets and cut the end of the felt with Tim Holts on the edge dies ...threw a Cherry Lynn doily as a hinge on one of the envelopes,sewed then insdie . And of course had to have stickles, Tied it all together with pink elastic and said ....Hmmm thats not a card ,but I like it ! Have a great day ,while I put all my needles and pins in here . Huga Boni