Sunday, February 6, 2011

Who"s fooling who?

 Ok ,now here I sit wondering how others, who are as old if not older than me ,keep telling me we are not getting older we are getting better .Geeze when is the last time they tried jumping up on the porch ,getting up and answering the door after sitting to long ,and last but not least looking at the chicken skin under their chins . If this is better ,I wonder what is worse ?
      Dont get me wrong Im enjoying myself .Even if I am getting older :) The other day looking at antique Cars and they had a 48 Packard and they dont even make them anymore.I was born that year! ,hmmm does that mean Im an antique ?And you know you are getting old when young people tell you "I thought you were only 50 LMAO  who you kidding kid ?
          Rock on gramma young people let you get away with all kind of things ,and are amazed that you can still dance let alone think ..............Look out world Im old but Im rockin'

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