Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do you suppose

Do you suppose men really believe they rule the world ? Or is it about women making them think they do ?     How do you suppose this came about ?
Warrior Woman
Warrior woman bold and cold
How did you live to be so old?

Scars and lines on this face
Came from a life not full of lace

Woman wild with thoughts and prayers
Taking care of children's affairs.

What a strange world, that I would have to fight
 To bring the children love and light!

Scarred and tired,
I am God inspired
Not hell fired.
When did humans turn to this?
Leaving our young without a kiss!

No matter how old I get
These children I will never forget
 (  they say we needed men because we had kids / then why did we have to fight to protect them )


  1. dead lizzard wordful medicines ...i love this blog

  2. Some of us will always be taking care of the babies...