Sunday, January 23, 2011

My time to shine

I’ve Returned
Hiding in my den
Have you wondered where I’ve been?

Licking the wounds that time has left
At times feeling so bereft

Now I’m coming out to see
What life has left for me?

A little tattered,a little torn
Waiting here until the morn

Wonder if my paints are dry
I can do it if i try

So many things inside of me
Screaming to get free

Found all the keys
To end this brain freeze

I am here I have returned
A little tired and burned

But I have returned
      I am an artist ,and I will rise to the occasion !  Gonna center on three things and do them really well . I think I should have thought this out before it all began . I have made it through and so have all of you !
     Need water in my paints ,bought lots of corduroy shirts and I will be on my way !

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